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This is the home of TonApp As – a small company focusing on simplifying things.

TonApp As is a independent software company founded and run by Jon-Morten Stenvik, a guitar playing software engineer with 15 years of experience related to software developement.

Products like GuitarCapo+ and SilQ Equalizer is made with passion and aims to help you as a user to perform better!

TonApp As is also hosting the popular website – a website made to bring you the latest news and app sales within iOS Music production

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iOS Music apps should be made with passion and simplicity. The goal is always to help you to perform better!

SilQ Equalizer

SilQ Equalizer is a sophisticated, high quality 32 band stereo equalizer supporting a great variety of audio inputs (including built-in microphone or hardware) as well as acting as an effect app through IAA and Audiobus

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One of the best sounding guitar apps around? GuitarCapo+ is part virtual instrument and part learning tool/chord utility for guitar players. Highly rated by users and top 10 in several countries, including USA and UK.

iOS Music website

TonApp As is hosting the popular Over 120 headlines from 18 of the best websites covering iOS music production is presented in a compact form. Also, over 200 of the best music apps is monitored to tell you when every single app is put on sale


Contract work

Need help with your project? Get in touch! You will find TonApp either by dropping an email or through social media

Reviews and testimonials

"...Guitar Capo+ is a long time favorite of mine and it just keeps getting better and better with every new update and this one is no exception to that rule..." - The Sound Test Room


"...I just love the new Strat sound with a really nice long decay..." - on GuitarCapo+


"...I’m a simple man and I love using GuitarCapo+ as a composing/learning tool. For example the chord charts continue to teach me chords I’ve never tried before. Who knew there were chords other than barre chords?!..." -



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